Beeford aganst AD waste plant


The N.O.W. (Not Our Waste) Group was formed to represent the Residents of Beeford, North Frodingham and Foston-on-the-Wolds to fight the Planning Application for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant and make everyone aware of the detrimental effect it would have on our communities.


Two men have been seriously injured after an explosion and a collapsed tanker at a recycling facility in Nottingham.

Emergency services were called to Bio Dynamic in Colwick Industrial Estate just before 10.15am 20th September.

A 15-year-old boy has described his family's horror after learning his father was seriously injured in an explosion in Colwick, Nottingham.

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Wales river destroyed with toxic sludge from an energy plant

Last December, just a few months after it was built, an aerobic digester in Wales triggered an ecological catastrophe!

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Donations required urgently !

A minimum of £30,000 is required for a barrister and expert witnesses to fight this appeal.  Without these funds we are at a serious disadvantage and the appeal may be upheld.  If you wish to donate, please go to our 'Donating' page alternatively you can support our upcoming fundraising events as listed under Announcements.

(posted 29th April 2017)

The Fight Goes on!

We all fought hard and long to get the planning application for this Industrial Waste Plant refused by East Riding County Council which was successful on 14th April, 2016.

The Applicant, Gascorp Delta Ltd, lodged an Appeal with the Inspectorate on 8th December 2016 and we again need to put up a good fight and have until 19th January 2017 to submit our objections.

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'Blot on the landscape' - A true scale visualisation

NEW Shocking article from The Mail Online

If we haven't already convinced you to object to the AD Waste Plant, you should read this article!

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